Nice to meet you!

I'm Vidia, a maker, product designer, experience/interaction designer, and creative technologist. I learn, work, and play with technologies to create meaningful experiences to make people smile.

Currently living in New York City, I explore the area between design and technology. I studied Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University. I've spent 6 years in the design world with varied slightly in title; from Front-End Developer to UX Researcher, to UX Designer - all these roles are focused on creating design solutions to engage people experiences.


I love photography as I love watching people and the world from a viewfinder. I enjoy observing people while sitting down at a park drinking my pumpkin spice latte. I'm always curious about how people sense and perceive the world around us, how people interact with the world, and behave the way they do. 

And oh..I'm a foodie and coffee-lover. I know where to get good foods in New York!


I'm also honored that my works are being featured on the following platforms. Click to see more of my other works.




NYU Tech Summit 2018 (November 2018)

Speaker: Effective Designer-Developer Collaboration

Vidia Anindhita and Dessi Puji Lestari

Scribble NYC (October 2018)

Speaker: Designer-Developer Collaboration


Awardee of Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education Scholarship

August 2017 - 2019

3rd Place IEEE MadC
Mobile Application Contest

May 2016

2nd Place Graphic Design Competition, Pennsylvania, USA

April 2011

1st Place Creativepreneur Fest 2016

November 2016

3rd Place User Experience Design Competition, Gemastik 8

October 2015

3rd Place Software Development Competition, Gemastik 9

October 2016

Best 100 apps BestApp.ID Hackathon Competition

November 2014

Young Indonesian Ambassador
Youth Exchange and Study (YES)

July 2010 - June 2011

How I'm trying to achieve my '30 countries before 30' goal