Things I do for fun.

Some small projects I do on the side, to keep me sane. Especially during the pandemic.

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Side hustles


Helping ReUser, a startup which focuses on sustainable packaging by serving reusable containers, as the website development consultant.

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Building Locanesia, an early stage startup which focuses on mountain exploration in Indonesia, as the co-founder and Product Designer.

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A series of smart devices that helps you find the state of solitude through scents.

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In Cookie We Trust

An interactive window installation that divines your fortune.

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Primate Quest

An interactive exhibit about primates brain and diet.

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Anger Flanker

An interactive installation as a stress reliever.

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Haptic Bracelet

A compact haptic bracelet to help people with visual impairments navigate in space.

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A wireless squishy egg as a music player controller to create certain moods.

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